Night Herons

Each summer in Connecticut seems to have its own featured bird, and this year - at least for me - it’s… [more]

Night Herons Night Herons

Fool Me Once…

Fool me once Shame on you. Fool me twice Shame on me. —Chinese proverb Prey animals don’t… [more]

Fool Me Once… Fool Me Once...

High Tide, Grassy Island, Norwalk Islands

Another morning exploring the Norwalk Islands by kayak, this time at high tide.  Oystercatchers everywhere… [more]

High Tide, Grassy Island, Norwalk Islands High Tide, Grassy Island, Norwalk Islands

Cockenoe Island, Long Island Sound

Cockenoe is one of the Norwalk Islands, the furthest north of all, and an easy paddle from Sprite Island,… [more]

Cockenoe Island, Long Island Sound Cockenoe Island, Long Island Sound

Nanday Parakeets at Turtle Beach

I admit that I'm obsessed with these local exotics that you can hear all around Sarasota. I caught… [more]

Nanday Parakeets at Turtle Beach Nanday Parakeets at Turtle Beach

Oaks of Myakka (Part One)

There are ten different species of oaks in Myakka River State Park, and Paula Benshoff took us to see… [more]

Oaks of Myakka (Part One) Oaks of Myakka (Part One)

North Lido Park, Sarasota

Very hard getting a good look at birds, in spite of the promise of a hot spot.  I was happy to see this… [more]

North Lido Park, Sarasota North Lido Park, Sarasota

Everglades Weekend

We went down to the Everglades/Big Cypress this past weekend to do a tour of different places and activities.… [more]

Everglades Weekend Everglades Weekend

Cormorants on the Rocks

Cormorants love to line up and pose for pictures, and they are particularly photogenic in the fog. More… [more]

Cormorants on the Rocks Cormorants on the Rocks

Saugatuck River, West Branch

Not too long ago, this stream was moving along, but no problem setting up my tripod right in the … [Read More...]


Santa Fe Flowers

I walked up Canyon Road in Santa Fe early Saturday morning, and there were beautiful plantings … [Read More...]

Rio Chama

Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, New Mexico

We went out to Ghost Ranch and did a trail ride to see some of the locations for Georgia O'Keefe's … [Read More...]


September Flowers, NYBG

It's always great to go to the New York Botanical Garden, and the bees were very much at work for … [Read More...]


Godfrey Pond, Devil’s Den, Weston

A hot walk in Devil’s Den down to Godfrey Pond. Surprising how many people there were considering that it was so overcast. Listen to the locusts/crickets in the video above… you may also hear me eating a sandwich!


A Garden in Fairfield

Photos from the gardens of one of Alice’s (my wife’s) garden & landscape designs in Fairfield, CT.

Ruddy Turnstones

Canfield Marsh, Westport, CT

Too windy to paddle out to the islands this morning so I stayed back in the marsh.  It was high tide, so most of the birds were just hanging out waiting for the water to recede. The osprey in the video was making quite a racket, and his/her mate was in a tree about 50 yards […]


Innisfree Garden, Millbrook, NY

I now have a new favorite garden, and it’s only about an hour and fifteen minutes away! I can’t say it better than their website: Recognized as one of the “world’s ten best gardens,”* Innisfree is a powerful icon of 20th century landscape design. Over 50 years in the making, it is largely the work […]

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