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Innisfree Garden, Millbrook, NY

I now have a new favorite garden, and it’s only about an hour and fifteen minutes away! I can’t say it better than their website: Recognized as one of the “world’s ten best gardens,”* Innisfree is a powerful icon of 20th century landscape design. Over 50 years in the making, it is largely the work […]

Black-crowned Night Heron

Night Herons

It’s always a pleasant surprise to see night herons, as they mostly spend their days hiding among the branches.  For some reason, I saw a bunch of them on Saturday morning at Cockenoe Island and also back in the marsh by Canfield Island.


Constitution Marsh on the Hudson

This is a great spot run by Audubon.  It wa almost empty when I went (Sunday morning, and it nice to walk down along Indian Brook to the Hudson (at low tide).  West Point is right across the river.  Not so many birds, but lots of moths and dragonflies.

Grupes Resevoir

Silvermine River, Wilton, CT

We headed further up the river to Grupes Reservoir… a little disappointing because so much is posted/on private property.


Damsels on the Silvermine

An impressive range of damselflies on the Silvermine this afternoon, and I didn’t see a single dragonfly.  Damsels have eyes on the sides of their heads and are generally smaller than dragons.  I’ll have to go to the book to put names on these guys.


Silvermine River, Norwalk, CT

I’ve been expanding explorations on the Silvermine River, which runs through our backyard.  Some of the banks are exceptionally high, but as you can see, it’s a quiet river.

North of East White Rocks

High Tide, Grassy Island, Norwalk Islands

Another morning exploring the Norwalk Islands by kayak, this time at high tide.  Oystercatchers everywhere (and oystermen).  This was my first time on Grassy Island, which does not appear to have a lot of photogenic features.  My presence was very upsetting to a pair of willets.  I am very used to seeing them in Florida […]

Song Sparrow

Song Sparrow

  We’ve been hearing and seeing a lot of these song sparrows around.  Pretty unassuming appearance, but boy can they sing!

East White Rocks

More Norwalk Islands

The Norwalk Islands have become my summer project.  Sailing or paddling to them and taking photographs.  I’ve also set up a website:

Goose Island with Cormorants

Goose Island, Long Island Sound

I went sailing with Jalna and Dave, and the wind brought us to Goose Island, then back to Cockenoe.  More oystercatchers, herring gulls and blacked gulls.

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